Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Function of “ORTHO”, “POLAR” and “Dynamic Input” in Autocad

Ortho, Polar & Dynamic Input are modes of operation. They are situated in the status bar just below the workspace. Each mode gives the workspace a certain direction of working i.e. in workspace while using cursor each mode activates certain way of movement or certain way of command giving. They can be used according to the need of the designer. They are actually there to help in creating exact designs according to the need.
Given bellow are the descriptions of each mode. 
Ortho: This is orthogonal lock for cursor. That means when it’s on the lines will move only in vertical or horizontal direction irrespective of the movement of the cursor. So if the design is restricted to only this to direction, this mode will help ensure the correctness of those lines. 
To switch on “Ortho” mode one need to either left click on ORTHO on status bar or press F8 on keyboard.

Polar: This is to create line in all directions throughout 360 degree. When this mode is on, the input in given as the length of the line with the angle for the line from its point of origin. This mode cannot work with ortho mode. So only either of the two can be on at the same time. The angle can be selected by right clicking on the polar mode and using the settings option. Thus cursor will snap at the selected angle from the point of origin. Polar mode is helpful in creating line designs with accurate angle.

To switch on polar mode one need to either left click on POLAR on status bar or press F10 on key board. 
Dynamic Input: This input system helps someone to put both the input of length and angle together thus making it the faster mode working than the previous two modes. When this mode is on the cursor will show both input options for length and angle together. 1st input is length than the angle. One needs to press tab after putting the length value and then put the value of angle thus creating the line from the point of origin.

To switch on Dynamic input one need to either left click on DYN on status bar or press F12 on keyboard.

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